Artist Statement

Lightpainting is a playground I have found in the darkness. Movement of light in the darkness, recorded over time, creates the opportunity to capture the qualities hidden in the shadows of a performance, person or place. The foundation of photography is recording light over periods of time and is the inspiration to capture these handcrafted environments where my imagination is the biggest catalyst. 

My inspiration and concepts are triggered in my daily living even when the dark is an orbit away. Possibilities include a reflection provided in a puddle on a rainy day or my most recent obsession into the film documentation of modern science. Maybe a song or a clever phrase becomes a mantra in my head as I'm out making pictures or planning the next shoot.

Creating these magical spaces is also a social endeavour. I seek out the assistance of family, friends, and intrigued bystanders to help and add their particular uniqueness under my direction. All taking the title of "Shadow people". I'm able to make real my ideas and often produce without a real sense of the end product is something I am forever grateful for.

There is always light in the dark.

The Graveyard Worker